The performance wing of Kalakshetra is an intrinsic part of the institution. It comprises of the staff, students and guest artists from among the alumni. A few senior teachers from the staff are chosen to form a panel that heads and runs the concert section. Its repertory includes all the dance dramas choreographed by its founder, as well as individual Bharatanatyam pieces, the Tanjore quartet’s traditional works, and the choreography of senior teachers. Often, students who learnt directly from Rukmini Devi are invited to help revive and teach the present students. Rehearsals commence a month prior to the shows, to ensure finesse, synchronization, and perfect on- stage performance.

  • The concert section is supported by the music wing, which provides the sound technicians and orchestra that participates in the rehearsals.
  • The costumes section takes care of backdrops, props, costumes, etc.
  • The visual arts department works hand in hand with the costumes section and the backstage crew.
  • The concert section strives to maintain a level of perfection and beauty in Rukmini Devi’s choreography, before presenting it to the public.
Smt.Jyolsana Menon, Sri K.Mohanan, Smt.K.Nirmala, Smt.Nandini Nagaraj, Smt.Shaly Vijayan, Sri Hari Padman, Sri Suryanaryamoorthy, Sri K.R.Lokesh Raj...

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