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What dance is in movement, music is in sound, painting is in colour, sculpture and architecture are in form. They are essentially one… the influence of spirit upon matter. The Kalakshetra educational experience is a hallmark of excellence, marked by simplicity, elegance, and formal rigour. Known for its adherence to classicism, students of the Institution learn the nuances of Bharatanatyam, Carnatic music (both vocal and instrumental) and Visual arts with exacting standards in theoretical study and practise. Kalakshetra offers a range of options for the needs of every individual interested in learning music, dance or art, from its schools to its college, to the flexible evening course options.



In August 1935, Rukmini Devi along with her husband Dr. George Sydney Arundale and her brother Yagneswaran, met with a few friends to discuss a matter of great...



The intent of the institute has been to create a consummate performer, an adept dancer, with a thorough understanding...



Dance, Music & Visual Arts